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The Chocolate Museum

The chocolate museum is located behind the shop and houses a large collection of chocolate memorabilia built up over the past 10 years. It includes old adverts, posters, labels, chocolate boxes, shop displays and real chocolate, some of which is over 100 years old and, while still edible, is long past its sell-by date so probably would not taste very good.

Walkers Chocolate Museum Walkers Chocolate Museum Walkers Chocolate Museum

Maybe you remember some of the exhibits from days gone by like . . .

  • Fry’s Five Boys
  • Harlequin Chocolates
  • Rowntree’s Cracknel Bar
  • Rowntree’s Emperor
Walkers Chocolate Museum Walkers Chocolate Museum

Also on display is our largest Easter egg. It is 30” (55cm) tall, has a circumference of 46” (117cm) and weighs 18 lbs (6 Kg) – the equivalent of 60 bars of chocolate!

Walkers Theatre of Chocolate

We have a life size chocolate man who stands near the giant chocolate lolly and the monster chocolate rabbit.

The chocolate man was made by covering a fibre glass frame with modeling chocolate, this was then coated with 3 coats of tempered chocolate and one coat of varnish, this stops him from melting in the summer.

The fibre glass frame had to be used to support the chocolate and keep him upright.... and without the varnish he would be edible!


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