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Our Chocolate Shop

What can you say? Chocolate everywhere, one treat after another. You could get your chocolate fix just breathing in the chocolate fumes. Our range is extensive and varies all the time.

We do like to indulge ourselves and our customers, so we are always experimenting with new flavours and fillings, but still keep the traditional favourites, like ginger, violet creams, coffee crèmes and hard caramels. We also specialise in personalised choc bars and boxed chocolates. If we can spell it, you can have a label printed with it on.

Walkers Chocolate Emporium Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Comments from our customers

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

Walkers Chocolate Emporium

"Will turn any chocolate lover into a complete chocoholic in seconds. With Walkers Chocolate Emporium you can tell the staff love the chocolate as much as you do!”
Claudia Own, Stevenage, Herts

"A unique shop with the ambiance of richness & luscious chocobility."
Mrs Pritchard, Chesire

"This shop is chocolate heaven in Devon. The homemade chocolates are superb and the staff are so helpful and friendly I didn’t want to leave.”
Mrs K. Fairlamb, Hexham, Northumberland

“Step through the door and step back in time with old fashioned values and old fashioned value for money. The museum is simply a superb bonus.”
Ian Robinson, Stroud, Gloucs

"This shop is 'The jewel in the crown' of Ilfracombe shopping."
Mr & Mrs Armfield, Middlesex

“With a reputation reaching as far as the shores of North Africa, Walkers Chocolate Emporium is a chocolate lover’s heaven."
Miss Clare Mancell, Stone, Staffs

"If you are looking for that special gift, this is the place to find it."
Mr & Mrs Edkins, Warwickshire

"The shop looked very inviting from the outside. Once we got in we were all gob smacked, the choice was never ending."
Jackie Lashenko, Avon

"A place that will stay in my memories forever."
Rebekah Pink, Devon

"Fantastic range of products, educational for kids, Very friendly staff. Sweets from our childhood, great museum displays, a lovely place to go visit for adults & kids."
Mrs Slade, Nottingham

"The chocolate emporium is a unique experience and is a 'must see' when in Ilfracombe."
P. Wenham, London

"The smell of chocolate lured us inside for a wondrous experience, satisfying all the senses particularly the taste buds."
Mrs Roxburgh, Hampshire

"An interesting & well presented shop which produces excellent chocolate."
Peter Tennant, Cheltenham

"The very best chocolate shop in England!"
Jenny, Warwick

"We came to Ilfracombe just to go to this shop, everything is so amazingly wonderful. I could live here."
Ella Slade, Nottingham

"Never seen a chocolate shop like this before, it’s a chocolate lovers dream come true."
Mr Loeber, London

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